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State Scientific Centre of the Russian Federation - Leypunsky Institute for Physics and Power Engineering, Joint Stock Company (Russian Federation)

IPPE was established in May 1946 to develop nuclear power technology. The world's first nuclear power plant, AM-1, was commissioned at IPPE on 27 June 1954. The Institute also developed fast breeder reactors, research reactors, space reactors, and naval lead-bismuth liquid metal reactors.

Today, IPPE continues to research development of nuclear power and new reactor technologies, including fast reactors, modular reactors with a liquid metal coolant, and space reactors for unmanned systems. It is also the lead institute implementing Russia's Federal Target Program on nuclear technologies of the next generation, and provides research support to the BN-800 project. Among other items, IPPE produces isotopes for medical and commercial uses.

The Institute also has several critical assemblies, a complex for material and thermal hydraulic research, a high voltage tandem accelerator and one operational research reactor. The Institute has a history of cooperation with foreign partners, including with France on fast neutron reactors; with the United States, France, Germany, and Japan on the disposition of weapons-origin plutonium in the BN-600 reactor; and with China and South Korea on the development of the CEFR and the KALIMER, respectively. The institute has also received assistance from the United States and Europe on materials protection, control, and accounting.

Contact persons

Alexander Avdeenkov

Vladimir Kumayev

Yuriy Kruglikov

Taras Sokol

Oleg Achakovskii

Yana D’yachenko

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